Dienstag, 17. März 2015

hey guys! <3
i havent got really much time so that is a short story about my first day in ireland i dont even think any body wonts to know that but i want to write it down so if you dont like it down read it ! :)
so it was my first day in ireland the see was looking so beatiful we were sitting at breakfest when i suddenendly saw 2 boys coming up to ouer front door "drinnggggggg" we opend ouer nebouhrs boys  brought us some beans and after i expectet the house and went with my sister to the beach i startet trying to talk with them it was so hard at the beging ;) so not rilly intresting i may delet this post on friday not sure jet  

Montag, 16. März 2015

so my storie why im making an english blog 
i was about 10 years old when we moved to ireland i was there bevor often but not for long just for holidays allways so it was an adventure for me i was so exidetet i can still remember driving the bubi road in the dark to my new house the car packed full of car and my dad saying nearly there  as we finnaly were there and i opent the door it smeeldet like see i quikliy choosed my room well my sister did and i hade to take the one witch was left it was very smal bout it had the biggestwindow in the house where you coud look derectly to the see i pushed my bett unter it so when i went at night to bed i coud look at the stars. On the first day my 2 neighbours came over i got for the most of the tme good with friends with them after a while i meet my 3 neighbour a girl aoifa 2 years younger we got best friends and still are! i also still remember my first day of school it was so wered because i hade to weare a uniform wich i didnt had to wear on my german school so i was sitting in this class coudnt barely speek any words on engisch and was confused people were talking to me and i didn understand even one word but after one week i understood more and after 1 month my englisch was fanastic i got so many new friends live was greate till the day came my parents decidet to move back to germany wich was 9 mounths after we moved over i had to giv up again every thing it was one of the sadest days in my live hucking my best friend knowing i woudnt see her for ages know and then go into the car with tears in my eyes. But well i went in germany to 5th grade god new friends meet my englisch friends also often live was great again but then i got worser and worser in school so i moved to another with a lower level where my 2 best friends went and that was the beste thing i ever did in live on my old school well i liked the people but they were so bitchi and i wasnt at all and on my new school i emedently found friends and there are now really really god firneds of mine i can tell them everything and im soo glad to have them! school is way easery for me now teachers are wayy better im in love with this school!
 so yaa that was a short form of my storie and i love to talk to englisch talking people so thats why im doing this if you have any quesastins just ask in comments or something like this 

in the follwoing post im gone talk about some of my memories from ireland and germany evryhing and if there is something you want me to talk about just tell me but im pretty sure noby is gone read this any was so im kind of talking to my self 
(are im getting crazy ? oh well i thng im already) 
so this is my first blog on englisch it is kind of the same as my other one just in english im trying the best with my spelling. so ya hope you like my posts ! <3